Thursday, 8 September 2011

Numbers 3 : Infinity - Review

Book details:
Publisher: Chicken House; 1 edition (2 Jun 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1906427666
ISBN-13: 978-1906427665

Post-Chaos 2029. Adam, Sarah and Mia are living together, struggling with the fame of seeing numbers - the dates when people will die But something is about to tear them apart. During The Chaos, Sarah's young daughter Mia swapped her number for another. Suddenly her powerful new ability makes her a terrifying target. Everyone wants to live for ever...

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My review:
The insanely awesome people at ChickenHouse Publishing sent me this book alongside another one and while this was the 3rd in a series that I hadn’t yet read, I rushed to a friend who had copies of the first two books. The blurb was awesome that I knew I had to read this series. So armed with the other 2 books which I devoured (reviews for them coming soon) I move onto the 3rd book and here’s what I thought ;)

Analysis of plot:
Often people complain that the following books to a series are never as good as the first but there have been many books that have proves this myth false and this book was one of them. As much as I loved the first two, especially the first which started off this awesome series, I find myself favouring the third one in the instalment.

Set in the future with the remaining characters of Adam, Mia and Sarah who are living together and trying to ward off the fame that came with knowing the dates in which people die (I know, how awesome is that?!) they’re living life as best as they can, knowing that they can be harmed for simply knowing too much.

I really don’t want to put any spoilers in this so I’ll try and be as vague as possible while urging others to go grab this and the other two books as well! Yet I can surely say that the author Ward, has an amazing knack for handling sensitive topics with child gloves so as not to evoke criticism for heavy handed issues, yet at the same time manages to convey the message that there are things wrong in this world and gets this message across to her readers and such a talent is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The events, the characters, the depth and the fragility of the novel at times, completely drew me in and I was absorbed in this book, I didn’t want to put it down and that doesn’t happen often  ;)

I loved Ward’s writing style, the touch of romance involved, the inclusions of new characters, the intricacy of it all and the way this wrapped itself up with a bomb-shell of an ending. What more could you want?!

Analysis of characters:
Often flawed characters are always my favourite as opposed to picture perfect ones. I admire when authors know that characters who are flawed, and therefore real, are ones that we as readers can relate to more and that was something I saw more closely in the third book. I loved the flaws and imperfections of Adam and Sarah and Mia, and the strong attributes they all displayed, especially newcomer Saul. They’re all real, and I felt it was all real, following them on their journey despite it being set in the future, I didn’t feel like I was missing something.

This story is full of love, courage, numbers ;) something you can’t escape. You will, for sure, be dragged in by this whole series so thanks again to ChickenHouse for giving me this book and urging me to read the prior two books – this series will keep me counting for days after ;)

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  1. I couldn't agree more with the series, especially the last book.