Me, Myself and I.

If you can currently read this, that most likely means you've survived long enough on my site to be able to shift over to this section. If that's the case then thank you and be sure to stick around and say hi *waves* :)

(That's me up there, trying and failing to look all demure and whatnot).  Anyway. Let me introduce myself. My name’s Sahina, I’m 25. My old profile used to read that 'I’ve recently just escaped the shackles of full time education' by which I meant I had graduated from university, having studied Criminology and Social Policy at the London School of Economics. But that's no longer the case, I haven't 'just escaped' since I graduated over 4 years ago - a true testament to the fact that I'm getting older and trying to deny it vehemently. *sigh* ANYWAY.

The truth? I am 25, I currently work as a Marketing Executive for Bonnier Zaffre and Hot Key Books *fist pump*. I’d class myself as a full time sky addict, food obsessed, book junkie. You know those people who you see with their face stuffed inside a book, as they creepily inhale the pages and lick spines when no one is looking? Yeah.. that's not me (lies) (if you ever spot me doing this though, don’t interrupt, it’s rude).

I am occasionally known to do things, like breathe loudly from under my duvet to let my siblings know I’m alive and in need of food; otherwise I alternate between doing nothing and doing nothing - it’s a win win sloth life. 

I probably have an unhealthy fascination with serial killers and horror stories, if you are one or have a story to share, please holla at me and we can embark on a socially unacceptable friendship. 

You didn’t ask but my favourite food is pasta; I own an unsurmountable amount of empty notebooks & journals & I tie my shoe laces with a double knot. If I had to choose 3 items I could save from a burning house, I’d rescue the fridge, my Nikon D3200 & sharpie pens. I capture moments and mishaps. For a 25 year old, I have an unparalleled penchant for going on swings. I'm a child at heart (and apparently in size). 

I also love Bruno Mars - he and I will be wed in the somewhat near future, seeing as we're both Libra's, (his birthday is one day before mine. Fate, right?) He'll find out in due time. In the last 3 years I have searched high and low for the mightiest burger known to mankind - which is where my Diary Of A Fatman Chronicles started on Instagram. For more on that, visit my instagram - @Sahinio. My choice of drink in Starbucks is a chocolate chip frappuccinno. Perfection.

As for what am I doing here? Well it’s because I love books. I. LOVE. BOOKS. I guess me setting up this website should be proof enough, but I love reading and anything to do with books. Bookmarks, cover art, spines, binding, the smell of new pages, fresh trimmed boarders, the promise that comes with a new book of a new experience. Everything about a book entices me and I love nothing more than sitting inside snuggled up warm with a warm mug of soup or hot chocolate while the rain pours outside, with a book in my hand. I know a lot of people share the same passion and that’s why I’m here. To talk, smell, discuss and eat books. Also, if you have an instagram, be sure to follow me either @Sahinio for my daily doses of food and selfies, or @Reading.In.Between.The.Lines for my bookish features.

Anyway, I can’t be wasting time talking about the craziness that I live in, so be sure to leave a comment, just saying hi, telling me how you’re day was, how long your toes nails are.. I joke (really, please don’t do that..) and whatever you do, pick a face from underneath and use it (although preferably pick the smiley one to avoid awkward times)