Review Policy

Most of the books that I review on this blog will be personal preferences that aren’t for review. However, should you wish to send me your book for review or promotional purposes, feel free to contact me (the links are at the bottom of the page).
The set guidelines for review books are as follows:

I accept the following genre of books:
- Young Adult fiction
- Adult fiction
- Comic/graphic novels
- Crime/thriller/suspense
- Horror fiction
- Comedy fiction
- Contemporary fiction
- Romance fiction

Genres I do not accept:
- Erotica
- Biographies
- Classics
- High fantasy
- Historial fiction
- Science fiction
- Mythology. 

In terms of the formatting - I do prefer hard copies, whether that be paperback, hardback or bound manuscript as through my review processes I tend to highlight in books to write up reviews. However, I absolutely understand that is expensive for authors so I also accept digital copies - mainly Kindle versions (which are the likes of epub, mobi, pdf, etc). 

My reviews are in no way influenced by getting a free book - all opinions and verdicts are my own, unbiased and unswayed. I am not being sponsored by any companies or publishers in any way and there is no exchange of monetary value, unless stated otherwise. 

Review content: 
My reviews are based on 3 individual aspects; author writing style, plot, and characters. The additional bonus content comes from my God like opinion and verdict (insert laughter here). I could overall love the book, but still find areas of the book that I found flawed and vice versa. However, all opinions and reviews come from how I feel the 3 aspects worked together in conjuction with the overall story. 

The star rating (which I should hope is easy enough to follow) allocates how much I enjoyed each book. If you get 5, you’re a star (see what I did there? (no?) (okay) (runs). 

5 is the highest, 1 is the lowest - however, despite books getting 1 star rating, I do not bash books or writers. I will critique books but only to the extent of writing - not the individual authors and will not tolerate any comments that do otherwise. 

Review times:
I can read and review a book within 2- 3 weeks, unless specified otherwise by the author or publisher. If you'd like your book to be reviewed quicker, please let me know and I can have it done soon but that partially also depends on the length of the book. If I really enjoy a book, I will also speed up the review process whether or not you have specified a timespan within which you'd like me to have reviewed it.

Review posts:
After reviewing your novel/book, I will post a review on my website (here), as well as the following;
- GoodReads
- Tumblr
- Twitter
- Facebook
(links for which can be found at the bottom of the page)

Those are my main posting places, if you would like me to post the review anywhere else, just let me know; I'd be more than happy to post the review wherever you need.

If you would also like me to post an interview with you on my page along side my review, I would be more than happy to! Please feel free to mention that when contacting me. Also, any promotional materials, SWAG items or extra reading copies of your book that you would like me to promote, I would love to do so on my blog, and again you should mention it when you contact me.

If you're interested in having your book reviewed, here are my contact details - don't hesitate to get in touch! Feel free to pass on any books (matching the accepted criteria above) if someone else won't review them; I'd be glad to! :)

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Happy readings!