Saturday, 3 September 2011

August RAK & Wrap Up!

I know, I know, I'm late right? It's already a few days into September but I was just waiting on a few things to come through so I could wrap the last month up neatly! :D So, here's what happened in my first full month of blogging!

First things first, I signed up for the totally awesome meme hosted by the awesome girls at Book Soulmates - known as RAK (which stands for Random Acts of Kindness) where out of the greatness of your heart you send a fellow friend or blogger a book they might have been pining and itching after just 'cause you wana make them smile! (Well that's the main reason, the other being you just wana know their address.. not that I did that... awkward?) haha I'm kidding!

Anyway, I signed up for my first month of RAK and here's the bundles of joy I either sent out or received! :D


"Amy Rogers Epic Detour" - Morgan Matson | Haley
"Real Mermaids Don't Wear Toe Rings" - Helene BourdeauHaley
"Fairy Bad Day" - Amanda AshbyAmy

I hope you enjoy them girls! Thanks for being such awesome people too, which is what prompted me to send something back to both you girls for being amazing! :)


"The Goddess Test" - Aimee CarterAmy 

Thank you to the kick ass Amy - be sure to check out her blog! I can't wait to get my teeth into this, I've heard such awesome things about it! So thanks to Amy for sending this my way! :D

So that was my first month of RAK! I seriously, truly, honestly, enjoyed doing this and I'm definitely signing up for my 2nd month! So be sure to leave your wishlists behind and I'll see what I can do to work my magic ;)

Now on to the next amazing amazing bit..
Being a new blogger and all, I entered a few giveaways as well as hosting a few of my own which have now closed! But fear not, there shall be many more to come in the upcoming few weeks :) Anyway, I managed to somehow, miraculously, actually win not just 1, not 2, or 3, or 4, or 5, 6 (you're probably getting tired here so let me just get to it) I actually won ELEVEN GIVEAWAYS! How insane is that?!
*make some noise, raise the roof, ect ect*

So, here are some of the kick ass things I've won, some have already come my way, but few are still pending :)

Over at GoodReads, I won a copy of "Jessie Hearts NYC" - Keri Stainton; for which a review shall be posted soooon!

I won "No Use Crying" - Zannah Kearns over at Mostly Reading YA!

A signed copy of this awesome book "In Leah's Wake" - Terry Long from Reading A Little Bit of Everything
(Also, Terry is SUPER sweet, be sure to follow her on twitter - here)

A gorgeous hardback copy of "Blood Red Road" - Moira Young thanks to Joyus Reads spontaneous giveaway!

An e-book copy of "Amaranth" - Rachael Wade; thanks to A Diary of a Book Addict. I'm actually going to be posting a review to this very soon and will have an author interview up along with a giveaway up for grabs so look sharp! (Rachel's also awesome, follow her on twitter - here)

This gorgeous swag pack from the girls over at Book Passion For Life!

& today, I just won the complete Vampire Academy series in e-book format thanks to Forbidden Passions Review - so so so so stoked to get back into this! I LOVE this series and I love re-reading and falling for Dimitri again (team Dimitri!) 

And finalllyyy, from a "What am I Reading This Month" competition I managed to win the following two books:

Other SWAG:
Also, I won an assortment of signed bookmarks and swag from Abigail Ann Writing.
As well as an assortment of other swag from Cross Roads Review.

PHEW. & that's it! I know.. insane right?!
Anyway, that's a wrap, and that's the bombshell that was my August!
Roll on September! ;)

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