Monday, 29 August 2011

Sneak Peak From VMA's For The Hunger Games!

Hey hey guys (:
So last night, I stayed up to watch the VMA'a live stream around 1am till about 5am I think it was? Anyway, like my bio says, I'm a huge fan (fan being the alternate for obsessed) of Bruno Mars <3 and I stayed up this morning to watch him perform and he was nominated for 3 awards.. more on that lattterrr as I know that's not the reason why you're reading this haha.

Anyway, last night they also premièred a sneak peak into the hugely anticipated The Hunger Game movies which I was totally stoked to see! So, since all the YouTube video's have been swiped out (thanks a lot YouTube) here's the link where you can catch (if you missed it last night) the quick but exciting glimpse of a scene from the movie! :D  

(Also, here's a still from the movie of Peeta, who I have a huge crush on and I couldn't be more glad that Josh is playing him; he totally rocks the role!)

Clickity click here to watch it! While I was SO excited to finally see a glimpse of something from the movie, I have to be honest, I was slightly disappointed, simply 'cause I was expecting a little bit more, something other than a forrest scene from within the stadium which we've already seen through pictures. However, the ending to the scene where Katniss runs over the log and pulls out her bow was awesome, and I LOVED the fast paced music and event there.. so I'm hoping there's much much much more of that in the movie!

So if you've watched the link, what did you guys think? :) Excited? Disappointed? Thrilled? Hungry? Hahah leave a comment below if you wish, letting me know what you thought; and stay awesome ;)


  1. I so excited for the movie! I loved the Hunger Games and I can't wait! Although, trailer was a little misleading, but eventually they'll come out with a better trailer!

  2. I agree, they'll definitely bring something more awesome closer to the date! :D