Sunday, 4 September 2011

In My Mailbox #5

This awesome awesome feature was started by the kick ass Kristi over at The Story Siren; and IMM is where you post weekly, monthly, (daily even?) for whatever great books you've brought, been sent as gifts, or won or borrowed from the library and showcase what noteworthy books you're gona dive into :) Oh also! - Be sure to leave a link at the bottom in my comments to your IMM so I can prowl around and admire what chyuuu guys got ;)

So, Sunday, it's that time agaainnnnn, yes yes yes, it's time for *rolls corny music* IN MY MAIL BOX! :)

Here's how my week was, and I'm pretty pleased with the awesome awesome books I got. 

So, this weeeek, I got a mixture of books from giveaways (from the totally INSANE amount of giveaways I won - check this post to see what I'm rambling on about) and then I got 1 for review and a gift as well! :D So I'm really pleased considering I wasn't actually expecting anything to come through this week, but come they did and instead of going on about it in my odd-ball manner, I'll let you have a gander through the pictures (I love taking pictures of the books) and be sure to click the links on the titles to see the GoodReads synopsis! :)

First off, I won a signed giveaway for a copy of "In Leah'sWake" over at the kick ass Reading a Little Bit of Everything and the author, Terri (who is SUPER sweet, be sure to follow her on twitter - heresent me the boook alongside a signed card and I adore getting little notes and card with packages, the personal touches always make me smile and whenever possible, I always send out little notes with packages I send :) Anyway, I got the copy early this week and the cover is booot-eee-fullll so be sure to check out her book and await a review on the blog soon for this amazing book! :D 
Following that, I also won the GoodReads giveaway for Kerris Stainton's new book "Jessie Hearts NYC" which I have already read and review will be posted soooon, I did love the cover to it too, and it's a very chick-flick type of book for those that are interested.

Next on my fabulous list of books was this awesome book I've been pining after but just didn't get out and buy 'cause I'm a lazy asss, but I managed to get my hands on a gorgeous hardback copy of "Blood Red Road" - Moira Young thanks to Joyus Reads spontaneous giveaway! She seriously just hosted a random giveaway to the first person who requested whatever book was on her list and I managed to win a copy! It looks so awesome in real, I'm a real sucker for hardbacks so thanks to her for sending this my way! 

Then, thanks to the kick ass Amy - (be sure to check out her blog!) I was sent a copy of "The Goddess Test" as my first RAK & I can't wait to get my teeth into this, I've heard such awesome things about it! So thanks to Amy for sending this my way! :D The cover looks amazing too, there's always something about forrests and greenery that I find compelling.. Anyway. moving right alonnggg.

Over on facebook, there was a giveaway running, and though I can't properly remember the name of it, I thinkkk it was something like "What Shall I Read This Month" contest (anyone who knows what it was feel free to correct me!) and I voted for these two books and they randomly sent me these two books as a thank you (I think) for voting. Well, whatever the reason they were popped into my post and I can't wait to read them both, especially "The Obscure Logic of the Heart" which I may warn YA readers, isn't a YA book per-se, more a historical based fiction but great nonetheless. Also, "The Disappearing Spoon" which I believe (since I've not yet read it) is a compilation of stories of love, passion and adventure. More on that once I've read. 

& finally, Waterstones sent me a review copy of "Ruby Redfort - Look Into My Eyes" by Lauren Child. Trust me when I say this, that the cover is so awesome yet odd. Like when I opened the package and took the book out, I had no idea which way was the right way up. Why? 

This is why. This is the cover to the book. Haha I know, pretty weird right? I think it's quirky and I'm a fan of different types of covers as much as I love the conventional ones. So a thumbs up already for this, hopefully I'll love the book too once I've read it.
Anddd that my friends, is a wrap! That was all I got in my IMM this week, which I'm overjoyed with, so I better get reading reading reading!

Oh also! - Be sure to leave a link at the bottom in my comments to your IMM so I can prowl around and admire what chyuuu guys got ;)

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