Monday, 25 July 2011

I am a HUGE Darren Shaan fan; I remember couple of years ago when his Cirque Du Freak novels came out and a friend of mine brought the collection, he lent them to me and I fell in love with the books. I couldn't find a cheap copy of the whole collection until last year where I brought them all for £10 and re-read the collection! He's an amazing writer. Anyway, I was browsing my local and favourite haunt in town, a store called The Works which sells both great stationary and books for really cheap prices. Anyway, I spotted the clearance section and found this book by Darren Shaan for a mere 49p! I actually couldn't believe his work was being sold this cheap - not that I was gona complain. Anyway, I haven't started reading it yet, I will be soooon as I can 'cause I know his books are always well worth the read :)

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