Saturday, 3 October 2015

Throne of Glass - Dreamcast; Post

Todays post is something that I've had in the works for a while, but admittedly have been too lazy to actually get around to doing. It’s something different from my usual reviews and book pictures and guest posts - and instead something more intreating and consumer related. Okay I don’t know where the hell I’m going with this introduction LOL I just write as I will and .. yeah okay I’ll stop.

Todays post is my personal Dream Cast list for Throne of Glass series. The much loved (and most recently hated thanks to latest book - I’ll say no more) fantasy series by Sarah J Maas. My review for the books can be found here: Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows

Some of you may liken my choices for the characters I’ve picked, and some may hate me for ruining whatever mental image you all have created in your head of certain individuals. I totally get that even if you don’t have any actor or actress specifically in mind for your bookish characters, once you see a face someone else has put to them, it sticks with you whether you want it to or not. Hence why, the following applies:


That all good, yes? On we shall proceed. I’ll do a basic background to each character from the series, followed by which actor or actress I imagine playing them in a movie/show, followed by why. The character I have chosen are the following: Chaol, Dorian, Celaena, Rowan, Aedion, Manon. I’ve picked them mainly for the most recent book and of course the main characters. 
For some, I may have multiple choices even. So on we go! Be sure to comment and share to let me know if you agree with my choices or not. 


Character: Chaol Westfall 
Actor/Actress: Max Irons
Movie/Show they’re from: The Host 
Why: Chaol is described as being this somewhat reserved but strong character with dark hair. At a young age he's captain of the guard, something he's obviously earned through skill and patience. The first person I instantly visioned was Max Irons, who just screams CHAOL for me. Just imagine him in a guards uniform, hair swept like this, befriending an assassin. I dunno, he just really fits it for me. He'd be the ideal Chaol in my dreamcast. It helps that he's gorgeous. *cough* MOVING ON. 

Character: Chaol Westfall 
Actor/Actress: Theo James
Movie/Show they’re from: Divergent 
Why: Theo James is a recognised face from the notorious Divergent movie, and in my opinion he played the perfect Four. Which is why I can so easily imagine him transitioning into Chaol to play the strong, silent and resilient type. He's tall, strong, built enough to play a guard but not too bulked out which I imagine wouldn't suit Chaol's character. He'd also play the perfect friend/romantic interest I think. Need I add that he's very easy on the eyes and his accent is to die for? No, I do not. You all should know. 

Character: Chaol Westfall
Actor/Actress: Jensen Ackles 
Movie/Show they’re from: Supernatural 
Why: Admittedly I know my next choice may not fly too well with others, given he's from a slightly older demographic than Chaol's actual age portrays him to be. But I totally love Jensen from Supernatural and if anyone can play a strong and silent warrior that refuses to give up, then I'd imagine that to be Jensen Ackles. He looks so much like a Chaol type, with his dark sandy hair and intense facial structure. No? No one else see it? I do. Put him in a guards uniform and hand him a sword, he's ready to do damage I reckon. 

Character: Chaol Westfall
Actor/Actress: Bradley James
Movie/Show they’re from: Merlin 
Why: Alright, alright, we're getting close to the end of the Chaol characters, just 1 more to go after this. Bradley James, known mainly from the fantasy show Merlin where he plays King Arthur, would definitely suit a demotion to play a guard. Again, maybe slightly older than the 21 year old he'd be playing, in his getup in the picture and the waves in his hair, I feel like he'd be a good Chaol contender. For some reason, I constantly imagine Chaol with wavy hair like this whenever I vision him. Just me?


Character: Dorian Havilliard 
Actor/Actress: Chris Pine
Movie/Show they’re from: The Host
Why: Now, we're on to the Dorian's of the pack. Chris Pine instantly pops to my head because of his obviously striking, killer blue eyes and dark hair. Dorian is a Prince, he's charming, conflicted but in the end strong and determined to fight for his people. I've seen Pine in enough movies to know that he could play Dorian perfectly, with his Prince-ish looks (his role in Princess Diaries comes distinctly to mind), and the fact he's a wonderful actor, for me puts him at the front of the running to play Dorian Havilliard. 

Character: Dorian Havilliard
Actor/Actress: Sam Caflin
Movie/Show they’re from: The Hunger Games
Why: Sam Caflin, known mainly from The Hunger Games and Love, Rosie is also another firm favourite for me to play Dorian. He too has those striking eyes, and dark hair (and man is he cuuuuute) - I feel like he could totally slip into the role of a Prince and hair the airs and graces that come with it. Given his very British accent, I think a lot of fans would enjoy listening to him speak too ;) 

Character: Dorian Havilliard
Actor/Actress: Aaron Johnson 
Movie/Show they’re from: Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging 
Why: Known most notoriously for his role in Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Aaron Johnson is a total "babe" (I dunno, the word just seemed so fitting). He's proven to be more than just a pretty boy though and gone on to do great movies like Kickass and most recently, Avengers - Age of Ultron. Again, his dark locks and lovely eyes put him in a position to play Prince for me, a very dashing one at that. Though I'm not a fan of his moustache, I reckon it'll be fitting for the role somehow. He could do some serious damage.

Character: Dorian Havilliard
Actor/Actress: Daniel Sharman
Movie/Show they’re from: Teen Wolf 
Why: My final pick for Dorian would be Daniel Sharman, from Teen Wolf. Just pause a moment to check out that bone structure - worthy of a Prince, eh? He played a great character on Teen Wolf and I feel he looks the part to play a Prince for the series. He's extremely tall too,  which I think works to his advantage. As with the others, I'm going with the dark hair, blue eyes theme for Prince Dorian and Sharman is the final person I'd imagine for this character. And with that concludes my lengthy picks for the main men! 


Character: Celaena Sardothien 
Actor/Actress: Nina Dobrev 
Movie/Show they’re from: Vampire Diaries 
Why: From the moment I read about Celaena's character, there was only been one person, without a doubt, who I felt could play this role brilliantly, and no one else would come close. That is Nina Dobrev from TVD. She's the perfect Celaena, she's strong, witty, athletic, and her Katherine character was so badass. Seriously I couldn't imagine anyone else playing Celaena, it will always be Dobrev for me. 


Character: Aedion Ashryver
Actor/Actress: Chris Pratt
Movie/Show they’re from: Guardians of the Galaxy
Why: One of the main characters in the later books, is Celaena's cousin Aedion, and in my mind, there were only two people who could play this role, and one being Chris Pratt who did a wonderful job in both Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. Striking, rugged and rough around the edge look works for him. He'd be perfect in playing the strong noble warrior type I think and certainly has the looks and skills to pull it off for me. 

Character: Aedion Ashryver
Actor/Actress: Tom Hardy
Movie/Show they’re from: This Means War
Why: The other person I envisioned for this mammoth character of Aedion was Tom Hardy who is no stranger to bulking up and playing the warrior, don't-mess-with-me, type roles. Aedion for me, when I read him, felt like he would be an imposing, muscle drenched and bulky character who has a soft side - both Pratt and Hardy feel like the perfect contenders in playing such a role well. 


Character: Rowan Whitethorn
Actor/Actress: Henry Cavill / Jason Mamoa 
Movie/Show they’re from: Superman / Game of Thrones
Why: We're almost at the end, I promise! Rowan is a prominent character in this series, especially in the upcoming books. Rowan is described as being huge, strong, light on his feet and a true God of fighting. Naturally, Superman would come to mind for me in the form of Henry Cavill, who could play such a role with ease I think. Plus those pointy ears will work for him to play his true character ;) the other contender, though I haven't seen Game of Thrones, would be Jason Mamoa, who is huuuge and definitely looks like someone you wouldn't want to mess with. If I'm honest, Mamoa would be the better of the two to play Rowan I think - he just loooks like Rowan, no?


Character: Manon Blackbeak
Actor/Actress: Mary Kate Olsen
Movie/Show they’re from:
Why: Annnnnd the final character for my dreamcast, is Manon Blackbeak - the feared witch who comes into her own - and I can only imagine Mary Kate Olsen playing this character, especially in this picture. She has that sharp, edgy look that would be perfect for Manon. Honestly, I don't know much about Olsen's acting range, but based (aesthetically) on this photo, it just screams Manon to me, so I'm going to roll with it for now LOL 

And with that, I CONCLUDE THIS LONG ASS FREAKING POST. I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to do this and even sorrier that this post is like 5 years long but at least I can finally tick this off my list! 

I hope you enjoyed reading and checking out my potential candidates for the Throne of Glass series and be sure to comment and share your own choices, whether you agree with mine with vehement nodding or head shaking. Now, I'm about to retire for 15 years to give my fingers a rest from all this typing! 


  1. So does Aedion

  2. I can see Chaol played by Theo James and Dorian by Sam Caflin but the rest are hard for me to swallow. Alexander Skarsgard and Rayan Kwanten would be a better Rowan/Adion pair. Though I will admit that many of the characters in the book have tan skin and I can totally see why you picked Jason Mamoa (but I think he's better for a different role). Celeana would be better with a more athletic black widow type of actress like Scarlet Johansson. Finally, Manon, I think you are in the right family but based on her Avengers an Captain America performance, I would give it to Elizabeth over either one of the twins.

  3. I think Rowan should be someone else, maybe Chris Hemsworth. Also, Celaena is blond. I'm sure it could work if she had a realistic wig though.

  4. Heard a lot of rumors about Cara Delevingne playing Celeana, but honestly be most badass Manon to be honest.But I feel like some of the other roles haven't really been picked well. I love Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit and can't have imagined the characters any other way. I love the Throne of Glass series, I just hope they get the casting right.

  5. Rowan has sliver hair, Aedion has long hair and the same colour as Aelin's hair, Celaena is a blonde, Manon has sliver hair, not to mention the eyes! Smh (sorry for being picky) ����

  6. Plus Henry Cavill/Jason Mamoa looks more like a Lorcan than a Rowan. And Sam, what about Sam! !!!!!!

  7. Rowan has sliver hair, Aedion has long hair and the same colour as Aelin's hair, Celaena is a blonde, Manon has sliver hair, not to mention the eyes! Smh (sorry for being picky) ����

  8. I think Danica Yarosh would be pretty perfect Celaena.
    Tye Sheridan as Chaol and Nathan Saignes (he's a model, but I'm sure he can act well enough) as Dorian. These people are of the right age and look like the official portraits.