Monday, 27 July 2015

Pack A Puffin - Post

The weather is London currently is rather miserable (not uncommon for us) but alas to cheer us all up on such a dreary occasion, I’ve teamed up with Penguin to bring us a dose of escapism in todays blog post. 

Let’s all imagine we’re off on a little vacation okay. *close eyes, breathe deep* we’re off the coast of some exotic island we can’t correctly pronounce the name of, drinking some form of cocktail that has those cute little umbrellas in them and a slice of lemon hanging on the edge. You get the picture right? Well what’s even more fun than being on holiday, than actually PACKING for it?! No? No? Just me? Yeah, just me then.

Todays post of Pack A Penguin is just that - if I was off on vacation then here’s what my essentials would look like. Gather round everyone and take a peak! Be sure to nod along with my choice of items or shake your head silently in despair at my attempts to carry my Macbook across seas when really I should be leaving technology behind. 

Without further ado, here it is!


Like the nerd that I am, I have labelled the essentials I feel I would need for any trip.  

1. My trusty Dr Dre Beats. Battered and bruised as they maybe for the 4 years I've had them, I can't travel anywhere without them.

2. My Nikon Coolpix digital camera (because let's face it, as much as I love my D3200, it's a beast to carry) - handy for those candid moments. 

3. Book journal - so I can spew my bookish thoughts at any moment. This stunning one is from Waterstones.

4. Kia my Kindle (who is in dire need of charge). 

5. No suitcase would be complete with a Puffin classic and my choice today is of A Wrinkle In Time. Get your copy here

6. Handcream is a must must must. My favourite is Herve Leger body lotion.

7. Anker portable charger, for those moments when my ipod or iphone betray me and I need a quick charge.

8. I refuse to step out the house ever, without this in my pocket or bag - Rimmel London's Kate Moss edition matte lipstick in shade 117. I've gone through at least 5 bullets of these since they've released. 

9. My portable external hard-drive, which stores all my movies, music, photos and documents. 

10. iPod. In my favourite colour, green, my iPod nano, 5th generation. 

11. iPhone 6 - I won't part with you, ever, my love.


12. McFlurry my Macbook (I have an obsession with naming my possessions okay, let's move past the moment). 

13. A sturdy backpack to see me through, this lovely olive green studded one is from New Look.

And that is all! Be sure to leave your comments/ blog posts below sharing your most essential needs for when you're out and about travelling :)

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