Sunday, 12 April 2015

#SahinasSelection #1

So hello again my little minions! I hope you are all doing gooooood, and if you're in the UK, enjoying this spell of wonderful (windy) weather we're having - phew that's a mouthful of W's.

Today I'm bringing something fresh to the table, and by table, I really mean blog. As a blogger, there come those dreaded days where you just can't seem to pick up a book, focus your eyes on words, or find the motivation to write a review or post. Yet as a blogger, or just personally, I hate not having any new content to post on the blog - especially if part of your to-be-career depends on consistency of your posts. Alas, I have come up with a solution for such days, not only for myself, but for us alllll! By no means is this a new idea, but just something new to zis blogggg. 

For days when words just don't suffice, I will be posting bookish pictures, with the hashtag - #SahinasSelection. Essentially, for those days when I can't summon the energy to write anything or find anything creative to post on the blog, I will instead post photos of books I've taken myself. I love photography, and have an abundance of bookish shots that I can finally share with you all! Of course the purpose of the hashtag is for us all to use it, so if you upload any book pictures, be sure to use the tag so I can see your wonderful shots too!

I'll be doing this on instagram, twitter, as well as on the blog. Click each of those words if you wish to check out my accounts on there :)

So without further ado, here's #SahinaSelection number 1 :D I've started this off with my favourite book in the entire world - just for the occasion. Enjoy and don't forget to share your own! 

Review can be found here.

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