Monday, 29 September 2014

Cracking into Creativity; My Road To Publishing.

Hello dear humans of the internet world. Today, on a gloomy London Monday, I come to you with a much requested blog post - the much sought out, almost Holy-Grail-Search-ish for book lovers - the reputable publishing path. 

I recently finished my 2 weeks work experience at the truly amazing, Hodder & Stoughton, and thought it would be a good time to share the experience I had there - as well as share my knowledge and journey pre-work experience, of getting into publishing. Many people who follow me, friends, friends of my siblings, who have come to know of my journey, have asked a lot of questions on how I managed to get to where I am, and I know there are countless numbers of you out there, who are most likely reading this, asking the same question - how do I get a job in publishing?

By no means are the answers and nuggets of wisdom I share here today the only ways, or the correct ways to get a career in such a field - but this is simply what I have discovered and learned along the way, and personally what I feel could be a good path for others should they choose it. Just a disclaimer. 

So let me divide this up into easy, readable, non-sleep-inducing chunks:

Part 1 - The Disreputable History Of One Sahina Bibi; where I outline how and why I came to the decision to join the publishing industry.

Part 2; The Tremulous Trek To The Top; where I will illustrate the endless, and by which I really do mean endless, CV’s and applications I sent out to get work experience and the way to get noticed.

Part 3; Short Stint at Something Spectacular @ Hodder & Stoughton; how I got to where I am now and all the brilliant things I learned during my time at Hachette. 


Are you intrigued? Are you waiting with baited (tuna filled) breath to see what comes next? Well, your wait will be rewarded. Part 1 - The Disreputable History Of One Sahina Bibi - will be up same time tomorrow, right here, on disss blog. So prepare yourselves. Bring your notebook. And be sure to watch this space, 4:30pm, Tuesday 30th September. Until then - ciao mes amigos. 

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