Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Goodnight Mister Tom - Cover Relaunch.

If you’re a classic book lover, look away now, for this sentence may hurt you (though I promise, the ones after will balm your heart again). I’m not.. *shuffles feet* a huge fan *shuffles eyes* of classics. THERE. IT’S OUT. I SAID IT

I’ve never felt drawn in by or captured by classical books, the way I know many people have. I’d love to be a part of the book blogging community who adore classic books - but sadly I’ve never been able to get into it the same way.

Having said that though, I do have a handful of books that are deemed classics, that I do love. One of which, is good old, Goodnight Mister Tom. I read this book as a kid in primary school, and accompanied by the movie adaption, I love the story and movie. 

Set in World War 2, in the midst of evacuation and Blitz, we follow the story of Willie, an underfed, under nourished child who is thrust into the care of gruff, unsociable widower Mr Oakley. What follows is a tale of friendship and love - that well and truly warms your heart. Set against the backdrop of the war, where families are torn apart, it’s honestly such a wonderful story that highlights the power of human compassion. 

One of the reasons why this book is so special to me is because I personally love books set during war time, with one of my favourite books being Private Peaceful, a story that moved me to tears as a kid (and even today, why lie, I’m a big wuss really). Stories told during such turbulent times just reminds me of the cruelty of humanity, yet at the same time, lifts me with the strength of human compassion and love. I need to stop right here before the waterworks start. *sniffles*. ANYWAY. 

The ever creative and awesome people over at Puffin, have set themselves a new project this summer; relaunching timeless classics, complete with new stunning and iconic cover designs as well as additional content to feast your eyes on. 

Additional content includes material unearthed from the Puffin archive, background information and cool new facts about the book, quizzes, activities and so much more - all jam packed into each classic to make it an even more special and explosive read. 

Puffin kindly sent me a list of classic books they’re relaunching and I selected Goodnight Mister Tom - to share with you guys the exciting new changes coming to your shelves soon. As usual, above are some sneak peak pictures of the exciting new material you can get your hands on, to get your tastebuds tingling. 

Be sure to check your nearest bookstores for these stunning new releases to add to your collection and hashtag #ShareAPuffinBook so I can see what epic items you’ve picked up for yourself. Releases are set to be launched on 3rd of July so be sure to grab your own copy! 

Also, here's some of the stunning new cover designs for more classics.


Thank you to Puffin for letting me be a part of this exciting new era. 

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