Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Return Of The Sahina.

So. This is it. This moment right here. Yep, you, reading this, you’re part of the big moment. YOU’RE A PART OF THIS GLORIOUS SECOND. YEP YOU *points pudgy fingers at screen*.
What is this glorious moment I’m referring to, you ask? 
Well. It’s the moment I return to the blogsphere. YEP. IT’S GOING DOOOOWN.

Okay in all honesty, I know it’s been over 9 months since my last post/review (that’s enough time to have a baby by the way) (no I wasn’t away having a baby) (though I did spend a substantial amount of time eating watermelon) ANYWAY. 

So yeah, as you may or may not know (depending on how intently you stalk me) but I was in my final year of university, and anyone who is a student, will know what kind of hell that translates to. Work work work death work work die work basically. 

Now would probably be an appropriate time to insert an apology here for the absence and lack of updates, but I can’t seem to do it. This blog of mine, is a passion, a hobby, something I love doing in my free time. Being at university for the last 3 years, has meant I’ve had literally no free time, and after reading at least 45 pages a day, every day, for seminars and essays, somehow I just haven’t got it in me to pick up a fiction book. I’ve kinda lost my groove to be honest, and it sucks, but again, if you are, or have been a student - you’ll know what I mean. HOLLA AT CHYU PEOPLE.

Anyway, the point of this rambling being, I don’t feel like I need to apologise for being absent, since this absence was of my own choice, and while it saddens me that my blog was left neglected, it’s something I couldn't help. I have gotten a few messages asking me why I’m not posting, why have I not come back to the blog, have I left, etc etc. While I am flattered that people notice my absence, even a small number of you - it means a lot to me. However, I just feel it should be made clear that I am not obligated or bound by anything, except my own desire - to post things here. I don’t appreciate some of the comments that have been left about me neglecting my blog and being a bad, inconsistent blogger - this blog started as a passion and shall remain that, regardless.

Cutting this essay short and getting back to happy days - I AM BACK MY MINIONS. I sat my last ever, ever, ever, EVER, university exam on June 6th, and as of then, have been a free agent, spending copious amounts of time with my friends, family and, best of all - WITH BOOKS.

What I currently have in the works, is a handful of blog posts, some of which are reviews, an insight into a Penguin Vintage Book Party that I went to last month, amongst some new updates and general bookish things for all you fine people. 

If you have stuck with me thus far, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for the support.
I feel like this has been made long enough.


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