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Erin Lange Guest Post!

So my lovely readers and followers, today I'm bringing to the blog, the lovely author of the book "Butter", the review for which can be found here. 

She's been awesome and all things amazing in taking time out to write a guest post for us, and answered some questions I've sent her :)

So here's a selection of mix and match answers from her, and be sure to go check her new book :D

By from me for now!

1. The character of Butter came across to me at least, as being shades of both good and bad. I felt sympathy for him most times but there were moments where you couldn't help but feel he stuck himself in that situation. Was it a conscious choice to make him like that, where he wasn’t so clear cut?

My goal is always to just write the most believable characters I can, and that means making sure they are flawed. No one is perfect, and when we get backed into corners like Butter does, it can bring out the worst in us. This character, in particular, has a bad habit of blaming others for his problems, and that much was deliberate, because I wanted to show his journey of learning to take personal responsibility and recognize his own mistakes. 

2. People contest with the idea of obesity in two ways. While some say you should take care of yourself and be healthy, while others argue that it’s your body and you should be able to live with it as you wish. What would you say your take on obesity or eating disorders is? 

Sure, it’s your body, and you can live with it however you like… You can also die with it. The character of Butter has a lot to live for, and his weight is literally killing him. It’s also making it difficult to do his favorite things, like simply play the sax without getting winded. There is a difference between people who choose to wear a little extra weight and people who are so obese, they can’t even move around. I will always root for those in the latter category to lose weight, because in general, I root for life over death. However, I hate when people say someone who is obese should “just lose weight” as if it’s so simple. There are actual physical conditions that can make it ten times more difficult for one person to shed pounds than another. Losing weight is hard enough for the average person. Imagine fighting that battle with the added obstacle of, say, Hypothyroidism – which can cause weight gain, fatigue and depression. It’s not fair to judge an obese person without knowing how they got that way.

3. How do you react to a bad review of one of your books?

I think I am in the minority among writers here, but I am truly not bothered by bad reviews. I always say I have elephant-thick skin. I actually enjoy criticism! I had one rather scathing review by a reader not long ago that bordered on just being rude for the sake of being rude. It was so snarky, it actually sparked a lively discussion about the book in the comments section. How great is that?! I don’t care if you love it or hate it – if you think it’s worth talking about, I’ve done my job. 

Also, it’s important for writers to remember… reviews are not written for you. They’re written for the reader. That means the reviewer has to be entertaining to some degree, and a snarky review is always a more fun read than a polite one. 

4. Are there any occupational hazards to being a novelist?

Well, in my case, when I’m really on a roll with a book, writing can lead to lack of sleep and personal hygiene. Ha! Definite hazards there. Other than that, I would say the biggest hazard of being a writer is sacrifice. We often give up time with friends or family in order to write. It’s hard to find a balance, but it’s important to set priorities and remember to LIVE life, not just write about it. 

5. What's your favourite fruit?

Pomegranate! Not just for the flavour but because it triggers good memories for me. We would always have pomegranate in the bottom of our stockings at Christmas, and after opening up all of our presents, my dad and I would spread out newspapers (to avoid stains) and sit and de-seed the poms. I liked that you kind of had to work for it.

So there we have it - some insightful answers from the author herself,
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