Friday, 12 August 2011

Judgement Cove - Chris Godsoe

Steve has heard it all before....
The same empty threats follow every one of his minor run-ins with the law, and every time his parents ultimately decide to give him another chance. But his parents have finally reached their breaking point, and finally make good on their threats to send him to a summer camp for troubled youths. The facility they have chosen for him bears the name of Judgment Cove. There are immediate signs that something is deeply wrong with this place, the counsellors aren't who they seem. Steve has exhausted his options, making Judgment Cove his home for the summer......or longer. He soon realizes that this will be a summer like no other, as he will either become a man.......or remain a child forever.


My review:
Thanks firstly to Chris (who awesomely and kindly provided me a PDF copy of his work) and I have to admit I was intrigued greatly about the story after reading the synopsis to the story. Troubled young teenager, camp, a twist – what could be more interesting? I was not to be disappointed, and once I started reading it, I was engaged in the story.

Analysis of plot:
We follow the story of a troubled young teen, Steve, who after many misbehaviours, is sent by his parents to a juvenile centre, called “Judgement Cove.” Upon arriving there, he realises that the place isn’t as it seems and before his very eyes, the centre transforms into something that he hadn’t expected. Steve is trapped – perhaps forever and this means you needs to rebel and find a way out.

At this point, the author, Godsoe uses cryptic and mysterious events which unfold before the readers eyes to show us the way in which Steve can beat the trap he is ensnared it and we as the readers want Steve to triumph. I smiled when I finished this short story, only wishing it was a little bit longer in order to prolong the events and add more spice to it. The build up at the beginning in which the first twist develops, could have been stretched a little more to bring a higher element of tension and mystery, and the same can be said with the ending – simply so that I could read more of it. However, apart from that, I had no complaints with the story.

Analysis of characters:
While the character of Steve starts off as a rebel without anyone to turn to, we find that we can come to like and value his integrity and honour. Without spoiling it for you, I admired how Steve quelled thoughts of attacking his enemy while his back was turned, and even more so in how he took his fate into his own hands in order to do the right thing for himself. Similarly, the addition of his brother’s words in his mind added to the feel of Steve changing, into a better person, before our eyes.

While it was a short story, I greatly liked reading it; it had mystery, it had bravery, and an ending twist worthy of any thriller. I just wish it was longer *sigh* but who am I to complain, it kept me occupied and happy. *thumbs up*

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