Tuesday, 26 July 2011


So, like I said before, I'm new to blogging here :) I love it already though and I've followed a bunch of amazing blogs so far, I hope they follow back! I'm a little busy with the site right now, getting everything sorted; like the banner I made myself, I think it's pretty kick ass right? Haha anyway, I've created a list of books I'm gona start reviewing as soon as I'm free, so I hope people will read them and add comments! ;) don't be shy to just hit me up to talk, I'd love to hear about you! :D Also, I've brought a brand new collection of books, so I'm gona start IMM soon too, don't know if I'll do a video blog or post something, we'll see. I hope everyone else is doing good and don't give up on me if you're already reading this - hang on, I'll get better I promise! :)
- Sahina

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