Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Winners of the Amaranth giveaway!

Hey hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates recently on the blog, I have sadly been hit my the common cold (I know, something so minor took me down, it's embarrassing, I know) but I've powered through and I'm back on!

I've got some reallyy exciting things lined up for the blog, including 2 giveaways! (woot woot) as well as some guest posts, author interview, and I'm also participating in my first blog tour! (I'm super duper excited!)

Anyway, I know I also haven't done my IMM for this week (well weekend that's gone) I took my usual pictures of my books and things but my brother who left for Uni earlier that week took my camera wire by accident with him (booo) so I'm stuck without a way to upload things. However, I'm getting a new laptop for Uni this weekend so I shall perhaps to a vblog for 2 weeks worth :) So be on the loook out :D

So, I recently had an international ended giveaway hosted for 5 e-book copies of Rachael Wade's awesome book "Amaranth" andddd the giveaway has now closed, thanks to everyone that entered! :D 

The winners have been chosen and contacted by me so guys check your e-mails, there's your giveaway prize in there! :D

Now that I'm coming back to life and full health, I'll be sure to bring the updates I had planned for the blog on to it sooon, but for now my gorgeous nephews are downstairs and I love spoiling them so *grabs gifts down the side of desk* I'm off to spoil them! :)

Catch everyone later, hope you're all good! :)

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  1. Hey! I noticed that you wrote on your RAK to comment if you're participating in RAK this month! Couldn't comment there so I just thought I'd let you know here! my email is and blog: