Wednesday, 28 September 2011

"Undead" Blog Tour - Kirsty McKay’s Top Five Zombie Flashmobs & Signed Giveaway!

Hey hey guys, today we've been lucky enough to be blessed with a post from the kick ass author Kirsty McKay who published her awesome book "Undead" - the review of which can be found here.
Anyway, today she's promoting her book (which you can have a chance of winning at the end) and she's sharing what happens with Zombies take over ;) So sit comfortably and enjoy below as I pass you over to Kirsty! :D

Planking is over. Owling is just too random. Want to meet friends, get some fresh air and have some really cool pics to put on Facebook? Try a Zombie Flashmob.

Hi, I’m Kirsty McKay, author of UNDEAD, a new novel about – amongst other things – zombies. And to celebrate the unleashing of UNDEAD in the UK, I thought I’d pick my Top Five Zombie Flashmobs and Zombie Shuffles to share here.


We kick off with a local effort - well, local to me in Boston, Massachusetts. This onslaught of the walking dead takes place annually, and goes right by the Diesel Café, where, fact fans, I wrote a big fat portion of UNDEAD. (Although I never saw them at the time, otherwise I might have choked on my Raspberry Lime Rickey.)

Check out the survivor at 1.22 – the guy with the ripped shirt. He really wanted an excuse to show off those abs, huh? One false move with that chainsaw and he won’t be looking so pretty.


And now back to the Mother Country. Any Friday or Saturday night in London’s Leicester Square can look a little like a zombie apocalypse, but these good folks decided to take it up a notch. The first section of the film confirms what I’ve always suspected: the best bit about going out is getting ready beforehand. Check out that make up! Kudos for attention to detail, guys! They tried to break the world record for horde-size, but didn’t quite make it – where were you all at, Brit Zoms? Nevertheless, a good time was had by all, as is evident by an UNDEAD Hokey Cokey. Good times.


Cape Cod is one of my favourite places in the world. The endless beaches, the rolling dunes, the inviting waves. Nothing to break the idyll, apart from the occasional Great White Shark. 

Oh, and the UNDEAD. This is a flash mob on the beach, Halloween 2010. The real fun starts about fifty seconds in. What I particularly love is the little bloke in the white shorts on the left. He looks like he’s thinking, ‘Crap. I wish they hadn’t put me at the front. Must. Remember. Steps.’


London again, but this time the one in Ontario, Canada. What I like is how normal it seems. If I go down to Victoria Park of a Sunday afternoon, is this what I’ll find? Very chilled, those UNDEAD Canadians. And get all that plaid flannel! Canuck zombies clearly favour the lumberjack shirt, and I have to say I’m right there with ‘em.


And finally, it’s Leicester, England. I’ve chosen this one mainly because it was reported on by Al Jazeera - you know, the channel that you associate with wars and terror and general bad stuff? Kind of gives this sh*t a whole new level of authenticity, doesn’t it?

But then again, these are very cuddly and somewhat self-conscious UNDEAD, the kind you’d invite home for a conciliatory arm around the shoulder and a cup of tea. When all’s said and done, it’s worth watching just to see the grief they give the silver-painted Living Statue bloke. Something extremely gratifying about that, I think we can all agree. Go you zoms!

So that’s it, my lil’ zombinos! Thanks for sharing my tour of all that’s good in Zombie Flashmobs, and big love to Sahina for hosting me. Now y’all better hurry out and grab a copy of UNDEAD for tips on how to survive the apocalypse whilst still keeping a smile on your face.

And don’t forget to check out my Facebook page, Twitter and website for more about zombies, UNDEAD and me, and come and see me present FRIGHT NIGHT with authors such as Charlie Higson, Darren Shan and William Hussey at Bath Kid’s Literary Festival on Friday September 30th

So I hope you guys enjoyed that, I mean come on, zombies (chomp chomp) and videos and flashmobs, what more could you want?! Thank so much to Kirsty and the amazing people at Chicken House Oublishing for getting this treat sorted; it’s my first blog tour post and I loved it! Thanks to the different and stylist ideas of these amazing people ;) So be sure to grab your copy of “Undead” or, how about this.. you win it? ;)

YUPPP you heard right! Kirsty and again ChickenHouse have been generous to offer a signed copy of “Undead” YES SIGNED! For a giveaway and the giveaway is international so everyone can enjoy! 
Giveaway ends on October 15th!
So, to win, all you gotta do, is fill in the form HERE and can do little extra for extra entries and I will randomly pick a winner and will e-mail you! So go go go go! 


  1. Ahaha great post. I live in Leicester and I remember the whole "how prepared are you for a zombie invasion?" thing but I do not remember a rampaging flash mob of zombies. xD Oh Leicester, how I love you. <3

  2. I just came by from kirstys Facebook page to check this out, she's so funny lol
    But your blog is oh-so-pretty I decided to follow :)

  3. Just found you via a twitter retweet! Love the Spiderman zombie :D