Sunday, 11 September 2011

In My Mailbox #6 & Thoughts on 9/11.

This awesome awesome feature was started by the kick ass Kristi over at The Story Siren; and IMM is where you post weekly, monthly, (daily even?) for whatever great books you've brought, been sent as gifts, or won or borrowed from the library and showcase what noteworthy books you're gona dive into :) Oh also! - Be sure to leave a link at the bottom in my comments to your IMM so I can prowl around and admire what chyuuu guys got ;)

So, this week's IMM is rather a small but still an amazing one for me (: Which is good 'cause I have an insane amount of books I need to get through in the next few days haha so I'm glad to present a rather smaller but prettier IMM for this week! :D 

My books this week came from Abrams Publishers as well as Oxford Uni Press and these were the beautiful treats I found in my mailbox. I was so kindly given 2 copies of "Stealing Phoenix" - by Joss Stirling. It's the 2nd book, the first one was "Finding Sky" which I LOVED! (Review of which coming up soon) so I was so psyched to get a review copy of the next book! :D With the extra copy, I'll be holding a giveaway on the blog, so be sure to stay tuned in to be in with a chance of winning this amazing book ;) Isn't the cover just gorgeous? *nods head* haha. Right and thennnn by the kick ass people over at Abrams publishing, they sent me a review copy of the new book "Misfit" by Jon Skovron. I had previously gotten the NetGalley to this from them but they kindly sent me a review copy of the book and I'm glad they did 'cause the book sounds awesome :D 

That was it for the books this week, and I stuck by my book buying ban and managed not to splash out which is a little sad for me but life goes on 8-) Anyway, apart from books, this week some of my giveaway prizes started to come through :D & the first of which were 5 pretty little signed bookmarks I got from Abigail Ann Writing (thanks to them!)

Awesome right? & thennn I won a signed Justin Thyme bookmark thanks to the lovely Beth at A Little Sun Shy and the bookmark was beautiful, truly.

And following that, it's a wrap up! That's what I got in my mailbox for this week :)

Oh also! - Be sure to leave a link at the bottom in my comments to your IMM so I can prowl around and admire what chyuuu guys got ;)
On a different note though...
Today marks the 10th anniversary of the awful and history-changing event of the 9/11 bombings. I find it hard to believe that it's already been 10 years when I can just remember the day it happened and it seems like yesterday.. such an event can't be forgotten and nor should it be forgotten in the hopes that history NEVER repeats itself. Many lives were lost that day, victims, family, rescuers, all that lost their lives, and those families still affected and haunted by the events - my thoughts and prayers go out to you, in the hope that you can become stronger and we can all unite against things like this happening again. The entire world was shocked and stunned that day and I hope that 10 years on, people remember the compassion and bravery that was displayed that day. RIP to those lost on 9/11.


  1. oooo pretty bookmarks!!! (: Great IMM ! (:

  2. Cool bookmarks. And I'd love to read Misfit.