Wednesday, 3 August 2011


So, as the amazinnngggg girls at Book Soul Mates are hosting this fantastic idea where you sign up for RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) and create a list of books or e-books you would love to receive and some amazing person may end up seeing it and actually send you a book from your list! How cool is that?! Anyone can sign up, blog or no blog as long as they provide the right details, it's such a brilliant idea to showcase the love we bloggers share so I've decided to sign up (: If you wana be a part of it too, check the girls blog out here and be sure to tell the girls "thank you" for being so brilliant :)

Also, grab the button like I did and post it on your sidebar, your blog, or anywhere on your page and get the fun started! Here's my list if anyone wants to take a sneak peak haha click away here :)

Also, leave a comment below and let me know if you're taking part in RAK this month and I'll see what I can do in fulfilling a few wishes ;)

Book Soulmates


  1. This is my second month for R.A.K and i thinks its a really great idea too.
    Last month I gave away a few of my read but brand new books which dont match new covers to good homes (they were in such good condition i could have sent them back to shop) and i feel happier knowing I spread the book love around and gave books to others that wanted them. :D

    I have a permanent page on my blog for R.A.K :D

  2. Aww it's always good to share! I know the feeling of having read books but look brand new, I'm almost OCD in how I have to have neat books, no bent spines or pages .. I could go on about it haha & I'm about to go spy your RAK page now! :D