Thursday, 18 August 2011

Just a little update!

Ahh guys, I have some awesome (albeit un-book related) news. So today was the AS and A2 results day.. and for me I was awaiting the grades that would get me into my first choice Uni, LSE to study Criminology and Social Policy. The offer being I get A, B, B at a-levels. And. Today. Was. The. Day.

Andddddddd.. after many sleepless and anxious nights, and more waiting and even more waiting, I am proud to say that I GOT INN! *does dance* ahhh I managed to secure more than what they asked, with an awesome (if I must say so myself) not just A, B, B they wanted buttt, A*, A, B, B, B, B. (Yes.. I took on 6 a-levels.. I'm crazy like that) and against all odds, as I didn't expect it, I got an A in English Literature! 

Totally blew me away that did, as I wasn't expecting to get an A! But that's my news guys, I hope anyone reading this and also got AS or A2 results did as great as they hoped! :)
Hope everyone's chilling and staying awesome ;)

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