Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ash - The Iron Fey Series

I know most of you have probably heard about/read the amazing Iron Fey Series (which I'm just getting into, I know, I know, I suck) but I was just looking at the beautiful cover to The Iron Knight (due to release soooon!) and the cover for the character Ash. Ash.. Ash..*dreams..*

Okay snapping out of it, sorry, haha but the cover shows the character Ash. & I was just thinking that in my mind, the PERFECT Ash would be played by the character Kevin Mchale - much better known as Artie from Glee. I used to be a huuge fan (and still am) of a band called NLT which was formed before Glee came along, in which Kevin McHale was one of the leader singers. & below, is how he used to look back then. Now.. look at the covert art, and look at his pictures. Tell me you can't see him being the perfect Ash?!

Maybe the main clincher is those AMAZING vivid, and what can only be called "electric" blue eyes. *dreamy sigh* gosh he's beautiful right? (each to their own) haha I've seen the behind the scene shots of when they did the photo shoot for the cover art and the guy they chose to shoot as Ash was pretty.. and did a great job, but I still argue that Kevin Mchale would be the perfect person to cover Ash.
I may be biased though * shameless grin* 
What dyu guys reckon? :)


  1. Hey! Sorry for a late reply. Thanks for stopping by our blog :) Yours is awesome. Now....that guy could totally rock Ash! Good pick :) Donna

  2. No worries! But thanks for checking my blog out :D & I like the verdict ;)